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Bay Burger is all about homemade and comfort—from our hand-crafted buns to the family atmosphere of our restaurant. We bake our own bread, hamburger and hot dog buns, churn our own ice cream, and grind our own hamburger meat. We even make our veggie burgers from scratch! Our menu may be understated but is thoughtfully created with the care of an upscale restaurant. The result is a taste of homecooking—flavors traditionally found at a backyard barbecue. Juicy, delicious burgers made to order, topped with fresh toppings like crisp lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes, onions and pickles. We use local, fresh produce and products as much as we can and when available.

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burger $8.50*

1/3 lb. of beef ground in-house, on a homemade bun, with your choice of: American, swiss, cheddar or blue cheese, lettuce tomato, onion and pickle bacon add $1.25 sautéed onions add $.50 extra patty add $3.50, double cheese add $1.00
*consuming raw or undercooked meat may increase your risk of foodborne illness

turkey burger $8.00

a grilled white meat turkey patty with your choice of burger toppings & condiments

fish burger $9.00

atlantic cod, chopped and seasoned with garlic, shallots and parsley, breaded with panko and served with baby spinach, tomato, and our homemade tartar sauce

veggie burger $8.00

a black bean, roasted vegetable and brown rice patty with your choice of burger toppings and condiments

grilled cheese $6.75

cheddar and american cheese between thick slices of homemade bread

hot dog $3.00

all-beef kosher frank on a homemade bun
sauerkraut add $.50 sautéed onions add $.50

falafel pita $8.50

a crispy patty of ground chickpeas, garlic and herbs, served with hummus, shredded lettuce, tomato & cucumber salad and tahini sauce, wrapped in a fresh grilled pita

blt $8.00

crisp bacon, baby spinach, tomato and mayo on toasted homemade bread

buffalo chicken sandwich $8.25

crisp chicken tossed in spicy buffalo sauce topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and served on a homemade bun with blue cheese dressing on the side

wedge salad $8.00

a big wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with tomato, red onion,
crumbled bacon and our homemade blue cheese dressing

fries $3.50 | tots $3.50
fries-n-tots $3.50 | cole slaw $2.25

ask about our seasonal vegetable side dish specials

shakes $6.50

please ask about our ice cream flavors of the day

all prices include 8.625% sales tax



Bay Burger  Bay Burger


I bit into the juicy burger and

felt satisfaction fall over me. The meat tasted great — moist, robust, salty, bloody and topped with a melted slice of American, it was what I believe God intended happiness to taste like.

Victoria L. Cooper, Dan’s Papers



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